Service Population Modelling

Public contact: @fredmichna

The herri cards are our invention to connect service design to the community.  We use it to help enterprises connect to the community where they are rather than tell people what they are. This system was developed and tested in a Masters research project

The 2016 census is about to be released and we want to develop a whole deck of cards as soon as possible after it is released. This is our way to make the census, which has divided us and been used to target and demonise through history, into a systemic way to connect people.

We need your support. We want to do this as a creative commons work free for all to reuse.

If we have more than enough to make the cards we will also work on an online map that is built from the data.

If we have even more than that we will be able to actively advertise herri and get it to more people.