Satire and public Policy

Public contact @fredmichna

To make open data, particularly financial data more available, more fun, and release engaging content for the media to cover serious public issues we are making entertaining videos of state funded projects and conduct real investigations at those same locations.

Our investigators do some intentionally dubious research from the little information given in state budgets.

The map and video is from the Victorian budget 2017-18. It is still under construction, so please forgive the production problems.

If you want to see this satire continue and help our artists be paid then donate so we can take the time to make more fun, informative comedy about open data.

We will also use this work as an opportunity to create serious media releases.

Directed by Frederick Douglas Michna

Starring Algernon Wormwood, storyteller
Starring Lee Cope, Fantasy Author,
Skateboarder Kevin Mullins AKA Silverfox
Crew -
Amy Soyka (archivist, analyst), Kasmira Gregory (engagement consultant) , Joseph Michna (camera)